Basic Feature

All-in-One Modular Design

A module actuator which incorporates all the functions required for robot joints.
▪  All-around Assembling Structure

Controlled via Network
Dynamixels have an unique ID that are controlled by packet communication on a bus. They support network of TTL, RS 485 etc. according to model
▪ Simple connection structure
Wiring is simple because it is linked by Daisy Chain
▪ Status Display functions
LED and Shut-down (Torque-off) functions can be set regarding high temperature, overload, overvoltage, and low voltage
Compliance Setting

  Compliance margin and slope control functions available.

PID Gain Control

  Uses PID Gain Control, Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, Derivative Gain for control (MX series)

Torque Setting

  Torque can be set up by 1024 steps from maximum Torque to free run state.

Low-electric current/high voltage drive

  Its efficiency is high because it runs by high voltage, and it improves stability of robot system formed by Dynamixel because current consumption is low.

MX Series Characteristics


Dynamixel can be controlled using exclusive controllers and the PCs



The setting and the programming of Dynamixel can be done easily using RoboPlus.

Embeded C

It makes the users possible to develop their own firmware.

Dynamixel SDK

It is a standard programming library to develop S/W controls Dynamixel.

Zigbee SDK

It is a standard programming library to develop S/W communicates with RoboPlus Task with RoboPlus Task code.

Mountable frame according to each HORN

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