The most advanced robot system

Required parts to build a robot are all included in ROBOTIS PREMIUM, you can immediately build your own robot system.

① Excellent walking humanoid (Self-Adjusts posture while walking)

② Various sensors including Gyro, DMS and IR

③ RC-100B(Remote Controller) is included (IR-default, Bluetooth included)

④ C-style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB interface included)

⑤ Semitransparent humanoid skin for customization

⑥ Digital packet communication with daisy chain topology

⑦ Build various robots through versatile expansion mechanism

29 Robot Examples

You can build any kinds of robot with Dynamixel, a robot servo motor from ROBOTIS Co., Ltd., (provided in ROBOTIS PREMIUM) The Assembly manual for 29 example robots and programs are included.

Convenient, Safe, and Expandable!

ROBOTIS PREMIUM includes gyro sensor, DMS, and multi-channel wireless expendable remote controller. (Based on Premium Kit) Please make sure that it is easy to insert and take out the batteries; the cables are arranged safely; it has outstanding compatibility.


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