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RM-X52 Frame Set



This product is a frame set which can make X430 based OpenMANIPULATOR-X.

You can assemble an OpenMANIPULATOR (4 DOF Arm + 1 DOF Gripper), which is the same as OpenMANIPULATOR-X (RM-X52-TNM).

DYNAMIXEL X430 is not included so you can select a suitable DYNAMIXEL model considering payload.

XH430, XM430 and XL430 are all compatible with this frame and can be also mixed.

You can make an OpenMANIPULATOR-X with your desired specification and can fix it on Base Plate-02 or attach it to TB3 Waffle Pi.

Package Components
Exclusive Plastic Frame Set 1
FR12-H101K 2
FR12-H104K 1
FR12-S101K 1
FR12-S102K 2
HN12-I101 Set 3
Robot Cable Set X3P (by length) 5
Bolt & Nut Set 1
Rubber Pad (Finger Tip) 2 types x 2
Phillips Screwdriver 1
Allen Wrench (by type) 3

DYNAMIXEL, power supply, and controller are not included.

Please purchase separately. 

When selecting DYNAMIXEL X430 model, the appropriate model should be selected considering communication method and target specification (payload)

XL430 Single-model configuration is not recommended as it might be short of output.

When mixing XL430 with XH / XM430, they (XH / XM430) must be TTL communication models.

When you use XH430-V-series (24V model), you must configure your OpenMANIPULATOR as a single 24V model.

AX / MX series, X540 series, and PRO series cannot be used.

The assembly manual is not included, but you can download the PDF file online for free. 

(Refer to below link)

Part List