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Baseboard & Adapter Advance


Baseboard & Adapter Advance

Package to connect iMega2560 and iUno board together (or other Arduino board models) to create a complete Indruino solution. With this design, the system is easy replaced when the system has problems. The circuit board has the following outstanding features:

Filter for power supply.

On board equipped with DS1307 Realtime Clock (RTC), RTC battery and advanced FRAM memory technology, with supercapacitors to store parameters in the safest way when the power is lost suddenly.

32 LED indicator to indicated status for I/Os

- I/O pins have inlet resistor protection. It’s removeable without effection to MCU I/O pins

Socket for power supply 24V/5V. Can get power supply from main power supply board.

Socket for power output 24V/5V supply power for other boards of indruino. Equipped with self-recovery fuse for system protection.

Equipped with communication socket  UART1 for communicate with other Indruino expansion modules.