Indruino Technology Solutions Co.,Ltd is a start up company from University of Technical and Education (UTE), Viet Nam. Founders are experts in hardware and software in the research and application of microcontrollers  in industry environments following the trend of iOT and 4.0

We’re all familiar with “Arduino”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arduino, is an open source for everyone in software and hardware, especially for non-electronic base knowledge. Arduino project started in Interaction Design institute, Italiawww.arduino.cc. The good points include:

  • Inexpensive: Arduino boards price are suitable for students and researchers.
  • Cross-platform: Arduino’s complier and editor (Integrated Development Environment - IDE) can work on Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux
  • Simple, clear programming environment: Arduino’s IDE is not only easy to use for beginner but also flexible enough for advance programmer.
  • Open source and extensible software: Arduino is opened source and developed by programmer all around the world. Libraries is developed base on C/C++ and free.
  • Open source and extensible hardware: Arduino’S hardware licence is free, so people can inherit the previous and developed for the next.

With above advantage, nowadays, Arduino is very common and growing quickly.



Indruino is a creative solution from Technology Solutions Co.,Ltd – a start up from University of Technical and Education, Viet Nam. With our many years of experience, we want to bring Arduino to work in an industrial environment through Indruino hardware and software solutions. 




Indruino = Industrial + Arduino (Hardwares , softwares are opensource )


Indruino technology solutions provide below solution package :

  • Industrial electronic hardwares
  • Special and dedicated libraries base on open source Arduino platform.

Indruino gives users the opportunities to choose for their own industrial circuit boards but still programmatically on familiar Arduino environments, which can inherit the power of many available libraries developed by the community. With these advantages, user can build their own project with the lowest cost and the same functions, durable and stability as expensive module from well known company. Our slogan is: “The power in your hand”.

What are Indruino's benefit compared to Arduino?
  • Noise Filter: Indruino hardware equipped with components for active noise cancelation. Power supply is purposely isolate to the others for a stable system.

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI): Indruino's power modules have a protective aluminum cover, so it is resistant to electromagnetic interference.

  • ESD - Electrostatic discharge:  all Indruino's hardware connections are all equipped with antistatic components, so it allows removal without damaging the internal circuit board.

  • Isolation: Power supply, digital or analog inputs/outputs, Indruino's communication terminals are designed to be isolated from the periphery with a junction of 1500V or more, so the control hardware will not be noise caused by outside.

  • DinrailThe hardware of Indruino is designed in Dinrail format so it is easy to assemble in electrical cabinets with high professionalism and saving time.
  • Screwless clamp: Indruino connectors are mostly don’t need to use screwdrivers, but still ensure a strong connection.

  • Smart connection: Indruino products can share power supplies with each other without using wires.
  • Specialized libraries: In addition a powerful hardware, Indruino also inherited many specialized libraries developed specifically for industrial fields such as: HMI communication, Stepper control/Servo Motor, barcode reader, multi-channel temperature control, ...

 Indruino applied in factory automation :  


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